icosahedron: (Default)
2013-02-01 08:33 pm

This week

Sorry I was absent for a while, I've been sick ´_`
I had a terrible fever last weekend and this week was stressful (stress is a running theme in my life you will notice ;w;)
I had a test in every subject this week but on the bright side that means my homework load this weekend is light!

Some things in my life right now:
☆I'm looking at more colleges that offer animation, and right now SCAD is at the top of my list with Calarts close behind. There's also Ringling and RMCAD but i need to look more. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not the best animator right now but I'm gonna try my hardest!!!
☆One of my longtime friends is becoming increasingly more difficult to be friendly with u__u. There are many factors but the main one is that she is simply mean-spirited and she doesn't see anything wrong with this trait.
☆I've kept a personal diary for a couple years and I've been very consistent up until now. I haven't written in it in over a month! *---*
☆I've been playing lot's of animal crossing :> I think animal crossing really represents my ideal life, a slow, forest life......

Also, my hair buns!

Here's to a relaxing weekend!